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Flour mill

“Khuvsgul Altanduulga ” company has renovated its corny production techniques completely in 2011. By such technical renovation Altanduulga flour mill has installed nature friendly modern technology with capacity to mill 100 tone wheat a day. This has increased for 5 times more than old mill capacity. Also it has mechanized dryer storage to store for 4000 tones of corn. At the result of this upbuilding it creates an opportunity to support corn planters business and cooperate with them in regional area and improved working condition of local workers. Totally provided for 50 workers by permanent working place, allow to work 30-40 people seasonally,conduct measures to improve social condition of workers.

Fodder mill

Since 2002 Khuvsgul Altanduulga company started to produce nutritious and quality , to increase animal products , fodder with purpose to support energetic livestock, to solve issues of pastural and farming livestock herders.

The fodder mill has a capacity to produce 10 tones fodder a day. It became a product which to satisfies customer’s desire

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