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Brand product of “Khuvsgul Altanduulga ” company  “Altanduulga” wheat enriched flour had been deliverend to the customers hand before 10 years. Since its first time such product satisfied customer’s affinity and its demand has been growing till present. The specific of thisAltanduulga”flour from others is that it has planted in local healthy soil, produced in standard guaranteed environment, without any addition,chemical substances, naturally organic. The raw material of the flour has higher protein and gluten or 30- 35% of gluten , 14%of protein content and we producing such higher quality and health beneficial flour.


Манай Халтар Арвайн гурлын танилцуулга энд дарж үзнэ үү.




High sort grain BG 055

Grain 055 is suitable for all type of food including pastries. This is the core raw product of pastries. BG 055 is packed into 25 and 40kg.

BG 055 

First sort grade grain BG 085

Grain 085 is suitable for all type of food. This is the core raw product of pastries. BG 085 is packed into 2, 5, 10 and 25, 40kg.

 BG 085

Wheat third sortGrain115-140

Grain 115-140 is Whole grain flour made from wheat.  This nutritious grain contains wheat and bran. This product intensifies crawling move for your stomach and support function of the heart, also good for the people who has overweight and diabetes.

Good for all type of food. Mix grain with grain 055 when you make pastries. Grain 115-140 is packed with 25, 40 kilogram. Ingredients:

 BG 115-140


Farina contains the most nutritious ingredients. It has high vitamins if babies and elders use.  This is more useful if the people who regularly exercise and manual labor because it contains protein and vitamins.  Farina packed in to 650 grams.



“Altanduulga“barley received high appreciation since it started in the market and it is highly demand among the customers. 

“Altanduulga “barley is specially grew in the healthy soil of Mongolia, meet requirement and made from naturally raw materials.  It is made in environmentally friendly technology, guaranteed, did not contain any chemical substance.



ALtanduulgaCo. Ltd is started to produce fodder from 2002. Currently we are producing mixed fodder, cubed feed, and gabble, oat depending on livestock’s type, breed, age, and productivity. The core raw material fodder and product we produce contains additional protein, minerals and vitamins.





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