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Khuvsgul Altanduulga company established in 1943 with name of Tarialan collective farm and expanded as a biggest corn farm , and it has a history that played much role to supply food demand in regional area. In 1992, according to the Property privatization law and we were one of the 6 companies, which dominate with State property. During the market transition difficult period Odos, Khusht, Bayankhoshuu, and Altan emeelt companies fail to work independently so since 1995 they have joined with ‘’Altanduulga’’ company.

Currently named company conducts corn production in 6109 hectare revolving with 6 combines, 8 tractors, 5 automobiles , mechanized drier barn-floor with capacity to clean and store for 6500 tones of corn , and completed repair service point, conduct fallow processing in 3000 hectare annually in average, in 3162 hectare planted grain, supplying our own seed and flour mill by necessary raw materials. We considered to the production techniques and technology renovation as well as much and imported John Deere tractor from USA with higher capacity and productivity, less cost in 2006, 2010 with its draw-hoe, and using John Deere combine and modern gas pressure seeder in production operation and had been done technical technology renovation from traditional technology. We are supporting and cooperating with grain planters as well as closer.

Food is a guarantee of human well being, main backbone of the existence of nationality. The country who can supplies its population food necessity by its own resource counts as a richer countries deservedly. The food size of local production per person indicates that it is absolutely poor by food study center of social health Institute research. One of the serious reasons of reducing of food supply is related with that decreasing of food producers, increasing of customers continously. The way to indemnify population food shortage is to plant wheat, potato and vegetable and fruit. In 2006 started to planted sea-buckhorn seedlings and since 2009 increased such sea-buckhorn seedlings and it counted today over 600.

Current highly demanded period of agricultural products market and customer’s needs in regional area and international level it is required to localize a modern technology with higher productivity and less cost into our local condition within adjustment . Change of climate and nature influence to the handling of agriculture and traditional livestock negatively in regional area, even make trouble to the sustainable production activity but we need to seek for a renovation, share our experience with research companies, local and foreign partners, reduce risks and handle sustainable production.

The production and service development, permanent working place and living condition in regional area has significant role to provide permanent stay for population in local area , to interrupt migration from rural area to urban, decelerate a centralization.  

Tarialan soum Khuvsgul, where company conducts its business has huge population in Mongolia and it is a fruitful place to handle energetic livestock as a modern type of agriculture and livestock. Therefore, Altanduulga Khuvsgul company is striving to develop long term program to renovate techniques technology to 2020 and implementing stage by stage.

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