Greeting from CEO

‘’Altanduulga’’ flour mill has been producing and supplying its product since year 2000 to its customers. In 2012 it has built and put into operation of mill with capacity to mill 100 tones wheat a day within upstanding storage which can store for 4000 tons of wheat 

Our company is expanding its market not only to the remote regional areas but also to the biggest cities of Mongolia, such as Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet and other aimags’ centers. In last three years, we are focusing on the quality of the products

that supplying various environmentally clean organic products by our own planted wheat to our customers and have improved our competitiveness and market position.

We are very grateful to our experienced, skilled, creative, hardworking team within a company, and always thankful to our loyal customers and partners, who do support the company’s operation all the time.

We would like to wish to all our customers and Mongolians being consumed with a good quality natural food, and their life being prosperous and Happy.


Our company mission is to supply good quality, organic, reliable products for fully satisfying of our customers’ need and demand, and become one of the leading agricultural, socially responsible companies of Mongolia

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