About Us

Khuvsgul Altanduulga company established in 1943 with name of Tarialan collective farm and expanded as a biggest corn farm , and it has a history that played much role to supply food demand in regional area. In 1992, according to the Property privatization law and we were one of the 6 companies, which dominate with State property. During the market transition difficult period Odos, Khusht, Bayankhoshuu, and Altan emeelt companies fail to work independently so since 1995 they have joined with ‘’Altanduulga’’ company.

Greeting from CEO

‘’Altanduulga’’ flour mill has been producing and supplying its product since year 2000 to its customers. In 2012 it has built and put into operation of mill with capacity to mill 100 tones wheat a day within upstanding storage which can store for 4000 tons of wheat 

Our company is expanding its market not only to the remote regional areas but also to the biggest cities of Mongolia, such as Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet and other aimags’ centers. In last three years, we are focusing on the quality of the products

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